April, May, and Mother’s Day

April is always a weird month weather wise, isn’t it? Spring arrives and the flowers start to pop up, but then there’s a snow storm somewhere as though Winter is making a last ditch attempt to take over again. Even here at the Doozy offices in Los Angeles (please accept our profound apologies, those of you living in the snow belt), we are getting clouds and rain unheard of for this time of year… not that we aren’t grateful. In fact, you hear dozens of Angelinos exclaiming, “It’s just like back home in Nebraska/Pittsburgh/Memphis/Florida/Maine!”

Wasn’t it genius that Mother’s Day was set up for the second week in May? By then Spring and warm weather have established themselves firmly and the flowers are filling the air with color and scent, and the trees! Oh thank you to the trees whose green turns the world into bright happiness and optimism. It’s as though Mother Earth were caressing us with nature with the same smiling gentle love that our moms gave us when we were their adored toddlers. A perfect seasonal reflection of mother’s love.

We are working on a new Mothers Day card for you to send with one of our favorite animators  busy creating it. Here’s a hint: butterflies!

Meanwhile, here is one of our most popular cards for Mothers Day to whet your appetite for May’s beauty:



ou can peruse all of our Mothers Day ecards by clicking here.  Happy Spring!





Mother-in-Law Day 2011

This Sunday, October 23, is Mother-in-Law Day. That means it’s the special day to celebrate your spouse’s mom. These women often get a bad rap. It’s a common theme to not enjoy time with the in-Laws, but I would say deep down most of us actually really love our Mom-in-Law. She’s that lovable woman who is a great cook. She is a good wife and mom. She loves your kids. You go to her home and talk about furniture or crafts. Whatever you enjoy doing with her, this is her day to send her a card to let her know how you feel.

There are many different types of Mothers-in-Law:

  1. The ones that think they still change their son’s diapers.
  2. The wealthy and aloof woman who is never to be seen but always sends postcards and exotic gifts from Kathmandu and Paris.
  3. The warm and friendly Mother-in-Law who is right there to help around the house and with the kids and brings over a casserole once a week.
  4. The lady who insists “I’ll run your house for you.”
  5. The real battle-axe.
  6. Your best friend with whom you get along swell!
  7. The Mom who has some kind of a bizarre relationship with her son where he washes her underwear for her. (We’re afraid to ask much more about this one.)
  8. There’s the Gorgon, aka the Dragon Lady, whom we hate to mention and who has given this holiday a bad name.
  9. And lastly, there’s the type of Mother-in-Law who is a moral compass and a pillar of strength. Think Barbara Bush crossed with Mary Tyler Moore and a splash of Hazel.

Doozy has a category of cards dedicated to this holiday – a day which was commemorated only nine years ago in 2002. Here is a beautifully animated card for your Mother-in-Law featuring white doves and red roses:

Click on this link to be directed to another card, this one humorous, for your spouse’s Mom whom I’m sure deserves some laughter. Though we can’t all afford the full spa treatment – cucumbers on the eyes, steam from the sauna, mud wraps – we can still send her an e-card with a pamper-yourself sentiment.

Notes from Leap Day, 2008

Hi again, Chandler here writing on Leap Day, Feb. 29, 2008.

Some of our customers are still buried in snow. Bennett, who writes many of our scripts and is the Gecko’s voice, reports his Mom is expecting to be snowed in New England this weekend by another blizzard. March will come in like a lion. But the funny thing is other customers are feeling a Spring awakening already. My kids here in California just got the season’s first grass stains on their pants yesterday playing in the yard. If any of you reading this have a good inexpensive remedy for removing grass stains, please write in and let me know it!

My youngest, Cooper, has been speaking in sentences since the New Year began (thanks to those of you who asked after him), and my second, Ollie, tells me he will grow up to be the doctor for the whole city. He has the kind of personality that makes me believe he probably will. Otis, my oldest,  seems inclined toward Rock Star. What are your kids interested in? Write in and let us know. HAPPY LEAP DAY!