Doozy Brightens a Son’s and Mom’s Day

Bob is one of our most loyal customers. He called us the other day with a Christmas message and explained what our service means to him. Bob moved to the Coachella Valley in California some years ago to care for his 93-year-old mother, Liz, whose health had begun to waver in her nineties. Here’s a lovely picture Bob sent us of them both. (yes that’s right; We get snow on our desert mountains here in Southern California!)

On mornings that are harder than others, Bob visits, plays one of our animated ecards, and shares it with his mother. He tells us that our light-hearted, animated ecards put both of them in a smiling mood and help them get on with their day. In his message Bob says “We want to thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into our lives. We applaud each and every one of you.”

We found Bob’s and Liz’s story to be remarkable. The irony that Bob sends us a thank you note with Christmas greetings is that it is perhaps his sunny disposition that deserves the highest recognition. Most us of hope to live to age 90 like Liz; the wisdom that comes with it is earned. Parents dedicate their lives to us and sacrifice so much for us, and when it is our turn to care for them later in life it is truly a gift. We know that Bob and Liz are treasuring this time together. We are glad to bring a little merriment and joy to their day. They certainly bring some to ours! Happiest of Holidays, Bob and Liz!

Mother-in-Law Day 2011

This Sunday, October 23, is Mother-in-Law Day. That means it’s the special day to celebrate your spouse’s mom. These women often get a bad rap. It’s a common theme to not enjoy time with the in-Laws, but I would say deep down most of us actually really love our Mom-in-Law. She’s that lovable woman who is a great cook. She is a good wife and mom. She loves your kids. You go to her home and talk about furniture or crafts. Whatever you enjoy doing with her, this is her day to send her a card to let her know how you feel.

There are many different types of Mothers-in-Law:

  1. The ones that think they still change their son’s diapers.
  2. The wealthy and aloof woman who is never to be seen but always sends postcards and exotic gifts from Kathmandu and Paris.
  3. The warm and friendly Mother-in-Law who is right there to help around the house and with the kids and brings over a casserole once a week.
  4. The lady who insists “I’ll run your house for you.”
  5. The real battle-axe.
  6. Your best friend with whom you get along swell!
  7. The Mom who has some kind of a bizarre relationship with her son where he washes her underwear for her. (We’re afraid to ask much more about this one.)
  8. There’s the Gorgon, aka the Dragon Lady, whom we hate to mention and who has given this holiday a bad name.
  9. And lastly, there’s the type of Mother-in-Law who is a moral compass and a pillar of strength. Think Barbara Bush crossed with Mary Tyler Moore and a splash of Hazel.

Doozy has a category of cards dedicated to this holiday – a day which was commemorated only nine years ago in 2002. Here is a beautifully animated card for your Mother-in-Law featuring white doves and red roses:

Click on this link to be directed to another card, this one humorous, for your spouse’s Mom whom I’m sure deserves some laughter. Though we can’t all afford the full spa treatment – cucumbers on the eyes, steam from the sauna, mud wraps – we can still send her an e-card with a pamper-yourself sentiment.