5 Mother’s Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

Your mom is truly a beautiful, spectacular lady, and while you may think she knows how much you love her, she’ll never get tired of being reminded. With Mother’s Day sneaking around the corner, now is the perfect time to let your mom know just how wonderful she is and how much she means to you. Brighten your mom’s day with a thoughtful personal message and one of these 5 Mother’s Day eCards for your beautiful mom.

Mother’s Day Peony Bouquet

5 Mother's Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

5 Mother’s Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

Mom loves a freshly cut bouquet of flowers any day, but on Mother’s Day they take on an extra special glow. Treat her to a beautiful spring scene with this new animated eCard.

Thinking of You on Mother’s Day

5 Mother's Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

5 Mother’s Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

As much as we’d like to be, we can’t always be together to celebrate with mom on Mother’s Day. Even if you’re miles away, you can still let her know that you’re thinking of her on this special day.

Latasha’s Types of Mothers

5 Mother's Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

5 Mother’s Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

Delight your mom with laughter on Mother’s Day with this hilarious eCard featuring one of our most popular and sassy characters, Latasha. Mom always loves a bit of silliness anytime of the year, but especially today.

Broadway Puppy

5 Mother's Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

5 Mother’s Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

What mom wouldn’t love to see an adorable singing puppy on Mother’s Day? This talented pup will dance his way into her heart as he sings about how wonderful your mom is.

Magic Bouquet Greeting Card

5 Mother's Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

5 Mother’s Day eCards for your Beautiful Mom

All year long mom performs her own magic, making everyone’s life beautiful and special. This Mother’s Day treat her to a bit of her own fairy dust with this gorgeous eCard featuring a magical fairy and a colorful bouquet of flowers.

All of us here at Doozy Cards wish you and your mom a beautiful and joyous Mother’s Day!

Heartfelt Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Let mom know how special she is and how much you care about her this Mother’s Day by giving her a thoughtful and sweet gift. When it comes to delighting mom on Mother’s Day, you don’t need to spend tons of money on extravagant presents. Mom will be delighted by any special treat that you’ve put thought and love into. For a bit of inspiration, here are some heartfelt gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Continue reading

Mother’s Day; a Laugh Riot?










Our Director of Operations watches what you guys send each other like a hawk watches bunnies in a Wyoming field in April. So he knows what goes on. He came to us today baffled but happy. Apparently one of the very top, most popular Mother’s Day ecard categories we have is…. Funny Mother’s Day eCards!

Now, having a male involved in the Day of Supreme Female Rights and Responsibilities does take a certain amount of learning curve. But he was very good at getting the important aesthetic qualities of making cards to honor women who rear the next generations of our species: certain preferred color stories, sensitivity to human emotion, willful expressions of love and respect, heartfelt appreciation. You know, things guys don’t do much of, HA!

But what he did not know, was how very real, how dirt-and-earth real woman are about life and, especially, about motherhood. See, he’s a bachelor, HE never had to change a SUV load of baby poo, pick up a container ship load of toys, never had to clean food spatter from behind his ears, and never had to navigate the complexities of multiple developing psyches while keeping his own intact. Par for the course for mothers, right?

So he never understood how absolutely essential LAUGHTER and HUMOR are to survivor/warrior child raisers. It lets off the steam which allows a heavier load bearing. It makes the struggle noble again after it gets absurd. It affirms that we are not the only ones going through these exotically onerous tasks and tribulations. And it confirms our vast worth as mothers.

Be assured, Sisters, there are enough of us (and a number of enlightened men) at Doozy to bring YOU, the Mom-in-the-Field some steam-releasing funny Mother’s Day eCards. Have yourself a good laugh and a great Mother’s Day. You, my Dear, have earned them both!

Our entire collection of Mother’s Day eCards can be seen here too.


Birds and Flowers for Mom


The Doozy animation fairies have been hard at work making new art for perfect Mother’s Day ecards to send on Sunday. We are charmed to present the first fruit of their labors: Mother’s Day Peony Bouquet.

A sweet Blue-jay has a magic envelope. What is inside will give your special mother a big beautiful bouquet of cheerful peonies.

As always, Doozy Cards makes all it’s own ecards, by hand, using only Hollywood professional writers and actors, and genuine 100% magical animation fairies imported from the forests of Northern Scotland.

You can see all our lovely Mother’s Day ecards here in our Mother’s Day category.

Beautiful Bluebirds – Our New Mother’s Day eCard

THANK YOU and all our love to you, Moms!

Why do we like to delight our mothers when we celebrate them? Certainly it’s to return the abundant affection we receive from them; how can you really ever pay all of that back? But I think there is also a touching, wonderful feeling when you surprise your mom with beauty or delight. It’s the breaking of the routine where Mom is the one who surprises us and provides wonder for us and creates events for us. We ALWAYS see Mom in control and working and creating.. so on this day the turnabout is charming to us to see her get the goodies instead.

It is a smart child who keeps their mother happy and delighted. Here’s a little help for you: Macy’s one day Mother’s Day sale online.

We are truly delighted with our new Mothers’ Day ecards this year. We have taken on a new animator, Amanda, who lives in Virginia and who has created the most lovely animation yet for this holiday. Have a look. Here’s a still from the card; if you click on it (below), you can see the beautiful animation play.

May you and your Mom have a splendid Mothers’ Day full of love.

from our new "Bluebirds for Mom" eCard