Weirdest thing my Kid Ever Said

As TV legend Art Linkletter famously remarked, “Kids say the darndest things.” It was true during Linkletter’s popular television show, and it’s true today. Teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, coaches and others have been baffled and bemused by some of the craziest things kids say. We asked popular greeting e-card company Doozy Cards for some of the weirdest things kids say, and they delivered.

When you’re in the greeting card business, you’re also in the funny quote business. We’ve seen our share of crazy at Doozy Cards, but it’s always great to receive new quips. Children are the most dependable source of amusing, outrageous and enlightening content. When it comes to laugh-out-loud humor, seasoned comics have nothing on an honest child or toddler.

We questioned the general public for some of the weirdest kid quotes, and the response was tremendous. While all the entries were cackle-worthy, the following really caught our attention.

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Weirdest thing my Kid Ever Said

Weirdest thing my Kid Ever Said

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Kitty eCards that You’ll Absolutely Love

Do adorable, fluffy kittens make your heart melt? Do you find yourself searching online for the cutest and most hilarious kitty videos? Then we here at Doozy Cards have the sweetest, most heartwarming kitty eCards that you’ll absolutely love. Just try and resist sharing these snuggly little cuties, we dare you!

Talking Cat Birthday eCard

If someone you know seems to have her own special language with cats, then this eCard is perfect for her. Simply type your heartfelt or hilarious message and this fuzzy kitty will speak your words aloud.

Kittens in New York AnniversaryKittens in New York Anniversay eCard

This sweet kitties paint the Big Apple red on their special anniversary. If you’re a romantic and a kitty lover, you’re going to love this beautifully animated eCard. Treat someone special in your life to this extra special and cute anniversary eCard.

Get Well Wishes

What better way to wish someone a speedy recovery then with a sweet and thoughtful eCard featuring a cute napping kitten? If someone you know needs some cheering up with a thoughtful message and an adorable cat, this is the card for them.

Doozy Kittens Get Well eCardKittens Get Well eCard

Not only does this eCard feature sweet kittens, but the cute little furballs also sing a charming song. Wish someone you know plenty of health, happiness and laughter with this original kitty eCard.

Sex and the City Sister Birthday eCard

This sassy grown-up kitten eCard is perfect to celebrate a silly sister’s birthday. These mischievous felines have plenty of fun birthday ideas for your special sister to celebrate her big day.

From the adorable to the silly, we’ve got plenty of cute kitty eCards to delight you and your friends. Don’t forget to sign up for our free trial and you can send as many as you want to all the kitty lovers in your life.

Best Groundhog Day eCards

The anxious anticipation for Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow to make an appearance on Groundhog Day may seem like a recent phenomenon, but the tradition of predicting the arrival of spring are far older than that charming groundhog.

If you’re groggy on the details, here’s a refresher: If Phil, upon emerging from his burrow on February 2nd, is frightened by his shadow, we are expected to see six more weeks of winter. But if he doesn’t see his shadow because of a cloudy sky, we are in luck with an early spring. So, while you treat your friends and family to warm wishes of an early spring with the best Groundhog Day eCards like the Groundhog Day Tap Dance, we thought we’d share with you some historical fun facts about the holiday.

While the first official celebration of Groundhog Day as we know it took place on February 2, 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, German immigrants brought the basis of the tradition to the area around the 18th century. Known as Candlemas, a Christian feast commemorating the presentation of Jesus at the holy temple in Jerusalem, had been celebrated throughout Europe for centuries.

Groundhog Day eCards

Groundhog Day eCards

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