Craziest Baby Stories of All-time

Craziest Baby Stories of All-time

Craziest Baby Stories of All-time

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Every family has a wacky baby story or two. The following baby stories are some of the weirdest, wackiest, wildest things you’ve ever heard. Continue reading

Baby’s First Birthday On a Budget

Baby's 1st Birthday Party

Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

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A Foolproof Template for Writing the Best Birthday Card

Is there a big birthday coming up for someone special in your life, but you’re not sure what to say on his or her birthday card?

A Foolproof Template for Writing the Best Birthday Card

A Foolproof Template for Writing the Best Birthday Card

Relax, whether it’s an awesome friend or amazing family member, we’ve got you covered. We can’t all be Shakespeare when it comes to writing thoughtful, heartfelt birthday cards. So, here at Doozy Cards we’ve come up with a foolproof template for writing the best birthday card that is sure to delight your loved ones on their birthday. Use this template for inspiration and tailor it however you wish for that wonderful person in your life. And don’t forget to send the message along with one of our silly and sweet birthday eCards.

My Dear ­­­­ ­­___________ ,

I wish you the most magical and exciting birthday celebration ever for your ___(year)___ birthday! Thank you for being so ___( thoughtful, supportive, caring, etc. – list a few wonderful qualities they posses)___ over all the years that we’ve known each other. You are an amazing ___(your relationship to them, friend, cousin, etc.) and you inspire me every day.

I just know that this year is going to bring lots of ___(mention a few positive goals they might want to achieve – happiness, success, love, etc.)___ and I can’t wait to celebrate it all with you! Remember that time when we ___(talk about a heartwarming memory that the two of you share)___ . You’re a part of my favorite memories and I can’t wait to share many more special moments with you in the years to come.

I am wishing you another amazing year. You are truly a special person and mean so much to me. Happy Birthday to a one-of-a-kind, spectacular ___(relationship to you)! Now it’s time to party and celebrate your special day!

Yours truly,

___(your name)___

Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Picking out the perfect gift for someone can be a tricky challenge. Whether you’re trying to choose something for someone close to you or someone you don’t know so well, you want your gift to be something they really want, but that can be hard to predict. Alternatively, giving cash as a gift allows the person to buy whatever their heart desires. Rather than just handing them a wad of cash, here are several clever and creative ways to give cash as a gift. Continue reading

One of the Greatest Bands Ever to Hit the Road


We are very satisfied.

The Rolling Stones are prowling the nation again! And while they are probably using planes and limos and not motorcycles, we are thrilled to get one more chance to see Mick strut and preen and purse live onstage.

We have a small chip off one of the Rolling Stones here at Doozy. Our music composer Mark, actually played with them on tour in the 70’s and 80’s! Mark composed most of the music for our cards for our first 7 years. Prior to working with us, Mark has been a studio and touring musician for many of the world’s greatest rock bands ever. He’s a Brit like Mick and the boys with a sharp, funny English sense of humor. You can hear his voice in our Raj the Elephant ecards.

Back in the ancient days of 2006, we asked Mark if he could do a Rolling Stones inspired birthday tune for us. The result is a very likely tune we set to dogs on motorbikes which you can see here.

Mark composes less for us than he used to. He came down with Parkinson’s disease and it affects what he can do in his studio these days. But we will be making more cards to some of his music this summer, so stay tuned. (In the meantime we urge you to donate to a good charity fighting Parkinson’s today)

If you do go to see the Rolling Stones in concert, leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know how it was!

You can see more of Mark’s work and all of our musical birthday ecards here.