The Worst Father’s Day Gifts… Ever

When it comes to Father’s Day, it’s easy to resort to buying those same old gifts year after year. “But I don’t know what to give him!” you say. (This is said in a whiny voice, by the way.)

So you wait and hem and haw and soon, it’s the big day…and you have the following Father’s Day Gifts in hand:

  1. Cufflinks. Ah yes, the dreaded cufflinks. Unless your dad frequents ballrooms or conducts orchestras, they will undoubtedly sit on a dusty shelf somewhere, waiting for the next family wedding.
  2. Ties. A Father’s Day “favorite” for years. A tie may evoke a weak “Oh…wow,” but then it will hang on a rack with the last 15 ties he’s received for Father’s Day.
  3. A Swiss Army knife. A great present, for sure…if your father has to survive in the woods for an extended period of time.
  4. Socks. Wow. That’s the equivalent of getting Mom a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day and asking her to get busy. Socks give dull a whole new meaning.
  5. A Card. Oh boy, a boring greeting card that doesn’t do anything but sit on dad’s desk.  Really?  Why not send him some funny Father’s Day eCards?

Consider this, Dad’s like to laugh, right?  Well, why send a regular paper card with a still image of some old car, when you can send a hilarious Father’s Day eCard with a singing and dancing steak backed by a band of ZZ Top hot dogs?

 We’ll be soon be premiering our newest eCards for Father’s Day which are bound to top off your perfect gift and bring a smile to Dad’s face (something that socks simply won’t do…unless your Dad is really into socks. Which would be a little weird. Right?)

 What are you getting your Dad for Father’s Day?  We’d love to hear about a few great ideas!