Doozy Announces New Birthday e card – Soda Shop Birthday

Let singing sock hop kittens and soda jerk retrievers celebrate your recepient’s birthday in the fun fifties stylized Soda Shop Birthday. Caroline, one of our animators,  designed these characters and adorable outfits.  Our animator Josh, who makes many of our ecards, did all the flash animation. Josh was so kind to work late last night to finish it, since he was leaving for a vacation to Georgia this morning.  We are going to make some changes but we wanted to put it up so everybody could enjoy it right away. We have become known for making animated musical ecards, but we are also working hard to include variety in our ecard inventory.  We are currently making more sentimental e cards and heartfelt greeting cards.  If you are looking for a more serious, inspirational birthday card, our Love and Blessings Birthday e card is popular.  If you want to send some heartfelt birthday blessings for a year of peace and happiness , Garden Full of Blessings birthday ecard is a good choice.  As always, we love to hear your feedback and comments on the blog, the site and do let us know about ecards you want us to make. We consider every single suggestion and we thank you for choosing Doozycards.

New Alfred Hopscotch Birthday ecard

Alfred Hopscotch Birthday, our new free birthday ecard staring poor Miss Jane Butternuts, is a homage to Hitchcock’s macabre humor.  Of course, we all know birthday aging feels like murder.  We’ve also documented the horror of rising gas prices in our Alfred Hopscotch rising gas prices ecard.  Everyone agrees going to the pump these days is terrifying.  Equally scary are taxes, which we make fun of in Alfred Hopscotch Tax Horror ecard.  Then, there is the terribly frightening subject of being single on Valentines Day. It will make you feel like Suzanne Pleshette in The Birds. Check out our Valentine’s Day Horror e-card.  All of these are free ecards, if you sign up for a free ten-day trial.  We strongly believe in free internet ecards; of course, we hope you’ll stay with us since we produce new cards every week!

New Caribbean Hippos Birthday ecard

If you loved Dream Girls, you’ll love our Caribbean Hippos in Paradise.   We received all your requests to make more and we did!  You can send our new Happy Birthday Caribbean  Hippos in Paradise animated ecard today.  Our music producer has created a top notch Happy Birthday song and our animator has designed the most adorable outfits.  Delight your friends and family with a heartfelt  island birthday ecard.

NEW Ecard Styles on Doozy!

Hello, this is Bennett, one of the Doozy doozies,

ABBA fans Rejoice! Our next big birthday ecard will be an ABBA spoof with newly composed music by our Doozy song writer, Mark, and featuring kitties in Swedish spandex costumes.

We want to let you know to check out our brand new 3D ecard, “Elvis Birthday”. In the fine tradition of singing barnyard animals, Elvis is a chicken, fully rendered in 3 dimensional animation by our newest animator, Kristopher. Elvis is very fun and perfect for saying “Happy Birthday”. Look for more 3D cards coming throughout the year.

Also, we have improved our photo insertion e cards and they are ready to go. You can now make anyone of whom you have a photo into the  President disco dancing in the Oval Office, or you can make a friend or family member into a little cowboy shooting X’s and O’s.