NEW Ecard Styles on Doozy!

Hello, this is Bennett, one of the Doozy doozies,

ABBA fans Rejoice! Our next big birthday ecard will be an ABBA spoof with newly composed music by our Doozy song writer, Mark, and featuring kitties in Swedish spandex costumes.

We want to let you know to check out our brand new 3D ecard, “Elvis Birthday”. In the fine tradition of singing barnyard animals, Elvis is a chicken, fully rendered in 3 dimensional animation by our newest animator, Kristopher. Elvis is very fun and perfect for saying “Happy Birthday”. Look for more 3D cards coming throughout the year.

Also, we have improved our photo insertion e cards and they are ready to go. You can now make anyone of whom you have a photo into the  President disco dancing in the Oval Office, or you can make a friend or family member into a little cowboy shooting X’s and O’s.