An Old Timey Thanksgiving

This year I’m thinking of doing Thanksgiving dinner the local, seasonal way. Trying to simplify these days…. So I started searching for the best farmers’ markets and local tucked-away co-ops and gardens using Local Harvest, and I found all of these really interesting food items located at markets across the country.

If you live near Buckeystown, Maryland, you should enjoy Nick’s Organic Farm that raises cattle and poultry and harvests vegetables such as white sweet corn, English peas, Acorn squash, white potatoes, basil, and tomatoes. Yummy! Can you imagine turning the clocks back to the Pilgrim days and trying to eat a little more like they did?

If you live in St. Louis, Missouri, there’s a “city farm,” the Villarreal Family Farm, located in a backyard that has grown into a booming business. From heirloom tomatoes to fresh eggs, this farm adheres to the “true growing seasons” and to “simple, traditional farming techniques.” Buying from this farm could resemble a little how the pilgrims did it in 1620. (By the way, the Villarreal family is trying to expand their little backyard farm – check out the article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.)

Unless of course you just can’t shy away from the other beloved American past-time. Stuffing yourself silly with turkey and pie (and, no, the Tryptophan in turkey is not the only sleep-inducer: that’s a myth!), then lying down on the couch for some football, has equal merit in my mind. This Thanksgiving, November 24, you can catch the following NFL football games on the tube:

  • Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions
  • Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys
  • San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens
While on the couch, exercise your thumbs by emailing Thanksgiving ecards to far away loved ones. We love thise-card about Thanksgiving Golden Retrievers playing in the autumn leaves and pumpkin patch of an adorable farm with replete with cutesy red barn. I’d love to take a stroll on a breezy autumn day with these pups and eat a pumpkin pie afterwards.

No matter where you live or what you eat, we here at DoozyCards wish you a warm, loving, and happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween 2011

Halloween will be here in 4 days. I know getting my kids ready for their costumes can be overwhelming. My littlest is being a half dracula/half mummy, and my second oldest son is transforming into Iron Man for Halloween. There’s some great costume stores in our city, but I also like doing a little homegrown costume creating of my own.

Click on this link to see one of my favorite Halloween costume crafting tutorials. From Kermit the Frog to Winnie the Pooh, this crafting mom blogger, “BigDandMe” is such a creative mom. She gives some great tips on how to use ping pong balls for Kermit’s eyes, colorful felt feathers for a parrot costume, glued-on turquoise beads for a baby girl Sacagawea get-up; this mommy has got great tips!

How do you like to decorate your house for Halloween? I think it’s fun to turn my house into a full-blown spooky haunted house.

Fake cobwebs outdoors, sheets hung from the ceiling to look like ghosts, and spooky music playing in our study. When the neighborhood kids come trick or treating, I love to dress like a witch. This ecard basically breaks it down, how I like to do things at my Haunted Home on Halloween.

Tis the Seasons for Greetings!

We’ve been working the elves since early November and now we’re excited about our 15 New Christmas and Seasonal Cards that now appear on the site. Our workshop is still open, however, and we will present a few more new Christmas ecards in the next few days. Our Winter holiday ecards this year cover two types of greetings for the occasions. Our newer line of elegant imagery coupled with mature, heartfelt sentiments expands this season with egreetings that capture the essence of what makes Christmas special to us and which we share with our families. Of course, with our name as “Doozy” we couldn’t leave humor aside. This year our animation spoofs the “Nutcracker” ballet, expose why Santa’s reindeer fly (warning: beautifully inappropriate humor here), and watch how snowmen heat themselves.

Our Doozy classic best sellers are back too. You just can’t beat a Rapping Rudolph… I know I’d pay just to hear Santa exclaim, “Let’s get jiggy!” So please take a minute to have fun perusing the cards, find one that makes you laugh or touches you, and let a friend in on it by sending the greetings you like best. I’m sure they will appreciate your thinking to send them an entertaining animation.