Anniversary eCards for the Incurably Romantic

Although others may not understand the pure romance unconditional love in your relationship, no one understands the depth of your love more than you, so I say celebrate another amazing year with your soul mate with a romantic and touching card for your anniversary.

Here are some of my favorites for your consideration:

Two by Two Anniversary

Anniversary eCards for the Incurably Romantic

Anniversary eCards for the Incurably Romantic

It’s no secret that you are two peas in a pod. The Two by Two anniversary card shows the closeness and affection two people share. The fun animation lets you share your love, while you leave a customized message.

Surprise Kiss Anniversary

Anniversary eCards for the Incurably Romantic

Anniversary eCards for the Incurably Romantic

Give your lover a hit and run smooch to start the day off right with a surprise kiss from this anniversary card. The fun card allows you to send a virtual snog that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Make their day even brighter with a special message.

Tootsie Roll in the Hay

Take a roll in the hay to show the passion and attraction are still there. With a touch of seduction from a delicious Tootsie Roll, the cute card lets you show that the spark in your relationship is still burning. Write a personal message that’s as equally as appealing to send along with the card.

Terriers in Paris Anniversary

Nothing is more romantic than Paris. This fun interactive anniversary card lets you take the romance of Paris to new levels with the help of two little terriers in love who spend the evening together and end the romantic evening watching the moon. Nothing beats Paris for a romantic anniversary.

A lasting relationship supported by a undying foundation of love is something to be celebrated. I love to celebrate love and another year together with a romantic eCard. I hope you will too.

L’Amour de Marriage


It is Spring, the season of love and fertility. That also means we are approaching June, the season of weddings. Everyone focuses on the weddings and yet there is little hubbub about anniversaries. It’s just plain math that if June is the month of weddings that it must be even more a month of weddings.

You can read plenty of articles online about the divorce rate being so high (around 50%), etc. etc.. However, here at Doozy Cards our intention is to focus on the highest, the uplifting, the love and smiles. Therefore, we are pleased to present our newest Anniversary ecards, direct from Paris.

It took many man hours to find dogs small enough to fit in an envelope and to train them to play the accordion and sing. As the lead singer is from Malta (she’s a Maltese), she had to spend HOURS in the salon being made cosmetically to look like Edith Piaf. She was trained in the French language by a poodle named Gigi.

Interestingly, we did not have to train the smallest of the dogs to paint.

The result is a little taste of L’Amour in the most romantic of the Romance languages. We hope you and your loved one enjoy and we wish all lovers a very Happy Anniversary!

You can see all our Anniversary ecards here.

Tom Cruise’s Wedding Anniversary “Gifts”


In case you’ve been living under a rock (and if so, congratulations. It just feels safer there, doesn’t it?), you’ve heard about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. They, on the other hand, know nothing about your divorce (but did you? Really. Really?). Or anniversary. Or your very existence. But no matter. Let’s proceed to the funny, shall we?

We at the Doozy Labs came up with imaginary anniversary gifts from Tom Cruise to his next wife:

The Stepford Wives DVD with bonus features

Clay molding classes

GPS tracking chips and salsa

A bedroom door made of boulders

Matching “Scientology Can be Fun, I Swear” tattoos

Mind Melding for Dummies book

A 9-foot pencil sketch of Tom Cruise circa Risky Business (Yes, that’s it up at the top)

New teeth

An invisible tether

Lip clips

Stern advice

Your special corner for time-outs

An ivory tower

5-inch height reduction surgery

The opportunity to speak

Okay, okay. We don’t know if Tom Cruise was that bad. And who knows? Katie Holmes may have been no walk in the Central park with fashionable Suri. And they did last five years together, which is like, 400 years in Hollywood time. So onward and upward, the two of you!

If you have an anniversary coming up, remember to start his or her day off right with a funny free anniversary ecard.

Here’s a link to the Tom Cruise Gallery where we found the 9 foot TC pencil sketch and other Tom Cruise art:

Anniversary Gifts – From Pearls to Aluminum Foil

It’s that time of year again. Not only is summer a popular wedding season, but obviously, anniversaries as well. So what are the appropriate gifts for a 5th wedding anniversary? Or a 20th wedding anniversary? How far does it go? Is there a traditional 75th wedding anniversary gift (other than hearing aids made for two)?

Regardless of the number of years, choosing the right anniversary gift is critical. (I gave my friend and her husband a set of knives for their wedding, which she still attributes to their divorce a year later. I attribute it to their utter lack of compatibility, but let’s not split hairs, shall we?)

Here’s an anniversary chart with both traditional and non-traditional gift ideas:


1                   Paper                                          Clock
2                    Cotton                                        Porcelain
3                    Leather                                      Crystal, Glass
4                    Flowers                                     Electric Appliances
5                    Wood                                        Silverware
6                    Candy, Iron                               Wood
7                    Wool, Copper                           Linen Chest
8                     Bronze, Pottery                       Lace
9                     Pottery, Willow                        Leather
10                   White Steel, Aluminum           Diamond Jewels
11                   Steel                                        Fashion Jewels
12                   Silk, Linen                                Pearls
13                   Lace                                        Fur, Fabric
14                    Ivory                                       Gold Jewels
15                   Crystal                                    Watch
20                   Porcelain                                Platinum
25                   Silver                                      Silver
30                   Pearl                                      Pearls
35                   Coral                                      Jade
40                    Ruby                                     Ruby
45                    Sapphire                               Sapphire
50                    Gold                                      Gold
55                    Emerald                                Emerald
60 or more      Diamond                               Diamond

So it looks like if you’ve made it to your 60th anniversary, it’s diamonds from that point forward. Nice.

If you make it to your 10th wedding anniversary, you get ripped off a bit. (How many couples received aluminum foil as a joke? I’d give it).

Your 6th wedding anniversary, you may receive everything from candy to…wood. Interesting range. And the 9th anniversary…let’s not touch that one. Though if I had a 9th wedding anniversary party, I would insist that all gifts were either pottery, willow or leather or they weren’t allowed in. And secretly, I’d consider the ones who brought willow to be the most creative and best friends.

If you have an anniversary coming up or know a couple who does, start the day off with a smile with a free anniversary for a couple ecard from our vast collection. Then start wrapping up that lovely gift (for your friends’ 35th anniversary).

Hre is an image from our popular Terriers in Paris Anniversary ecard. What anniversary gets a trip to Paris?

Here is a video of a really sweet older couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary:

If that wasn’t good enough, here’s another couple celebrating their  80th wedding anniversary: Holy cow. (“A gallon of gas was just a dime.” Indeed.)