When to Send a Thank You Card

When to Send Out a Thank You Card

When to Send Out a Thank You Card

There are plenty of reasons in life to be thankful and Thank You cards are a good habit to adopt for showing your appreciation. While you don’t have to buy a specific card for every occasion, we guarantee the recipient will appreciate your graciousness and you will appear as a more thoughtful person. Here are several opportunities for sending out a card.

After Receiving a Gift

Receiving a gift is a kind gesture itself and responding with a thank you card will seal the deal that you appreciated their thoughtfulness and effort. You double the gift giver’s pleasure in giving.

After Throwing a Special Event

Whether it was a wedding or a bridal shower, it’s always good form to send out a thank you card after the fact to all guests who attended, whether they brought a gift or not. It shows you were glad that they could celebrate this special event with them, and inspires them to think of you in your new social role.

When you Were Sick

If you were sick or hospitalized, it is appropriate to send a thank you card or letter to everyone who took the time to come and see you, or who brought you flowers.

After a Job Interview

While it’s not required, this not only shows that you appreciated the opportunity, but highlights the fact you’re very eager about the job and willing to go above and beyond the other candidates. However, if you do send a thank you card, it is important to send it to everyone who interviewed you.

Thank you cards do not need to be a grand affair or long. Keep it short and to the point. 

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