Q&A with Bennett Schneider

Creative Director, Bennett Schneider recently took some time to answer some questions about himself and the inner workings of Doozy Cards.

Q&A with Bennett Schneider

Q&A with Bennett Schneider

  1. How do you come up with Doozy Card ideas?

The core of Doozy Cards is a Production Team of experienced Hollywood writers, actors, musicians, and directors. The team dreams up each new card idea in weekly sessions. Then the team dives into writing the script, recording the music, and collecting the sound effects. Animators sometimes draw out fresh ideas for us on their own.

We get inspired for each card by researching every aspect of each holiday and occasion. We steep in the symbols, sentiments and images of each theme. Our ideas come once our imaginations have been saturated.

2. What’s your favorite part about working at Doozy?

My personal favorite part of being Doozy’s Creative Director is drawing sketches for the cards. I am not a truly refined artist, but I love to turn a script idea into a cute sketch of animals and scenes. It is so satisfying to see what was once in my mind pop up on a piece of paper in my hands.

3. What are your Top 2 favorite Doozy Cards?

I am proud and delighted by the Cupcake Surprise birthday ecard. It is simple, elegant, and hilarious. I’m a big iconoclast and so I love a card with a funny twist at the end.

I also love some of the Fall holiday cards, the funny Halloween ones like “It’s Alive” (very naughty of me, I know), and a few of the ways we have done awful things to the poor Thanksgiving turkey. So my second favorite card is the Thanksgiving Pooches card. The animator really understood the joke and gave it the setup it needed. I’m tickled by how well it comes off.

4. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite Holiday has changed over the years. Halloween was always big fun, Easter was delightful because of the jelly bean hunt my Mom made for me each year. But now it is Christmas. It means everything in the world to me to sit happily with my family who I love and to laugh and talk and give lovely surprises with the gifts. The trans-formative magic of the snow, the lights, and the music enchants me deeply.

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