The Family Teenagers Take Over Doozycards


The family teenagers have taken over Doozycards.  Here is my nephew Charlie Cooke and my son Otis at a production meeting.  My  nephew Robbie Cooke and my son, Cooper are at the same meeting.  My brother and I have eight boys between us.  None of boys are apparently NBA basketball players.  So I am sad to report none of them will be forking over homes and bling for Mama at twenty-one.   Sigh…  Not one to give up, I had brilliant brainstorm.  We will give the boys  what every young man needs: ecard making skills!
And the boys are learning so much. Settling arguments on how to dress the animals is why we had to install a boxing ring in the backyard.  The boys seemed very excited to learn you must go to the mat for important company decisions like – the fairy  WILL be fatter.
I’m  happy to report the boys are naturals in the world of ecards and may surpass our wisdom soon.  Apparently their endless hours of watching important Youtube content and playing internet games has paid off in spades.  The boys are naturals at making ecard games!  Their brainstorm, Find the Birthday Cake Game is a top seller.  What a relief, I can start spending their college funds on shoes immediately.  Friday night we wrapped up an Easter game and a Father’s Day game.  Stay tuned for pics of my new shoes and for new games by the teenagers!

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