Drunk Chihuahua Valentines

I would love to have an in-house doggie Mariachi Band.  Every time the little boys tackle each other or the teen complains, I could say hit it!  And they would appear and enchant us all.     Living in Southern California, we hear a lot of Mariachi music.  Last weekend I rode my bike through McArthur Park near downtown Los Angeles and there was live Mariachi music in the park.  In fact my parents had mariachi music at their second wedding to each other (that’s a whole nother story!).  I think the best place to hear Mariachi music is on Olvera Street.  T his is a great place to take kids and out of town guests.  They sell something my kids absolutely love: eggs blown out and filled with confetti.  Boys apparently delight in smashing these on each others’ heads.  In the spirit of Marichi bands all over the world, we are proud to present: Our Mariachi Valentine Ecard.

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