WHAT A DAY-light saving!

When you go to bed this Saturday night, remember to “Spring forward” for daylight saving time. It’s time to change the clocks! Are you ready for longer daylight hours? I love reading my Facebook newsfeed and my Twitter-feed around this time of year. Here’s why: friends in L.A. today were tweeting that the climate seemed confused – a little warm and chilly at different parts of the day. Friends on the East Coast were posting status updates about a sunny day in New York. March is the in-between month; people don’t seem to know what to do with the weather.

I am definitely ready for hot weather, sunshine, and swimming pools!

During my childhood, I always knew Spring had sprung when the white dogwood trees bloomed. What flower signaled Spring for you?

Maybe the Crocus? Or daffodil? Bennett, our Creative director is calling out to me as I write this, “Forsythia!” Regardless what blooms first in your region, you can send our daylight savings cards to tell everyone to get ready! Remind them with a “Spring forward” daylight savings ecard. We are introducing an extremely cute one this year, clock changing time. Have a peek and tell us what you think. See you in the sun!