Back to School – Is an Education Really Worth it?

Okay, okay…before you get mad, I realize the importance of a good education. But if you’re like me, you had some definite hits and misses in the ol’ academic department, especially high school.

Let’s start with Home Economics. This was not where I was taught complex equations or a new language. This was where I learned how to make Snickerdoodles and stock my pantry efficiently (labels out and in alphabetical order…what?) I was also taught how to wash my hands the “right” way (yes, there is a wrong way, apparently).

Typing class was a whole other story. We have an excellent, patient teacher and one day, it all clicked, and my fingers were flying! I was typing 40 words per minute in no time. (I’m up to 65 wpm now. Test here.) I still consider typing class to be the most basic, usable skills I learned in high school. (It beat pantry stocking, hands down.)

History and English may have had some merit, but not to this eternally blasé 14 year-old. I needed dramatic re-enactments like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History (a podcast where I’ve learned more about history than in four years with mean Mr. Combs, who actually yelled his lesson like we were his ex-wife.)

I learned to say “It’s alright” before entering the girl’s bathroom (or the girls in said bathroom would toss their cigarettes in the toilet, thinking you were a teacher) and how to take “sitting naps” during Latin without the semi-blind Mrs. Santarini knowing a thing.

I learned that Algebra actually does have some applications in life, contrary to popular belief. (Have you ever put together a piece of furniture from Ikea? Come on…that’s some serious algebra.)

And of course there was returning to school in September– that always felt so rewarding and fresh. That crisp Fall weather, brand new clothes, notebooks that you’d proudly make your own with tons of doodles…hmmm, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Perhaps we should all “go back to school” in September in one form or the other, whether it’s a classic book you’ve been meaning to read or a class you’ve been meaning to take. Life is an ongoing education afterall, teeming with lessons…and now you get to choose what you want to learn.

If you know a child who could stand a few words of encouragement, take a look at our collection of Back to School eCards.

The tyke seems sad but Mom’s happy again now he’s out of the house!

You can take the typing test at this link:

Here’s Dan Carlin’s podcast: