Celebrate Purim

I love seeing the signs celebrating Purim outside local synagogues in my town. I looked into it, and I think there is about 128 synagogues in and around Los Angeles. I know that my friends that celebrate Purim especially love this holiday for their kids. Good food, celebrations, giving to charity, and fun costumes. I always send them Purim ecards to wish them well.

Some of my friends try to make  Hamantaschen pastries for this holiday, but I understand why some of them end up buying them instead…

In this New York Times article, it says they take two to three day to make! These days, I feel like I’m lucky if I find 20 minutes to bake a Dr. Oetker organic cake mix. I give kudos to anyone who devotes two to three days baking these Hamantaschen pastries. They do look delicious, though, filled with prunes or poppy seeds. The pastries are made to look like “Haman’s Hats,” and they represent the victorious escape of the Jewish people from being executed during their time in the Persian Empire, all due to the courage of Queen Ester. I am excited to support my friends celebrating this holiday, so I am going to send them Dancing Hamantaschen ecards and other Purim ecards.

March 8 at sundown, it begins and last for two days. I want to wish everyone a Happy Purim. The Jerusalem Post says that there will be carnivals in the streets of Jerusalem with colorful costumes, acrobats, and puppets. Hopefully you are having a celebration on your own neighborhood block. Just remember to clean up the confetti afterwards and send plenty of Purim ecards!



How Hanukah is Celebrated around the Nation

Hanukah begins tomorrow night at sundown and ends December 28. As you begin your celebrations, here’s a look at how others do it across the country. I like to find out about different customs, and then send faraway friends and family Hanukah e cards.

The National Chanukah Menorah is located near the White House at The Ellipse, in the President’s Park South and will be lit at 4:00pm. Hot latkes and doughnuts will be served.






In New York City’s Midtown neighborhood, the “World’s Largest Hanukkah Menorah” stands. Certified by The Guiness World Book of Records and designed by artist Yaacov Agam, this sculpture is a festive Jewish decoration amidst the Christmas lights, songs, and colors generally associated with Manhattan at this time.



In Saint Louis, Missouri, Home Depot sponsors a Menorah Workshop where kids can build menorahs from wood. Started by Rabbi Levi Landa in 2008, this annual event has been so popular that Home Depot is extending it to other cities. It’s a great way for kids to do something hands-on to celebrate the holiday especially if your child has an inclination for doing carpentry or handiwork around the house.

In Boulder, Colorado, Ignite Chanukah with Vodka Latke Party is described as Colorado’s biggest young adult Chanukah party. It’s a way for young adults to share ideas about Chanukah and other Jewish topics in a light-hearted way. The vodka and latkes is the pre-party. The talks and five minute speeches are the main event, and there is usual an after-party as well. What a great way to get into the festive mood.

In whatever way you like to celebrate Hanukkah this season, we’ll be sending Hanukah e cards to all of our Jewish friends and family this year. Nun, gimel, hei, shin!