Anniversary Gift List

There are plenty of holidays for gift giving in the year, but only one occasion has an actual schedule of gifts to give: anniversaries.  As a result, you need never scratch your head about what to get your spouse. There is the traditional anniversary gift list that can guide you!

Anniversary Gift List

Anniversary Gift List

This gift list made its debut during the Victorian era in the United Kingdom during the 1800s, and then jumped across the pond to the United States in the early 20th century [source: Martha Stewart]. Elaborate anniversary celebrations were fashionable during this time, so gift-giving thrived as a result.

The Traditional gift list is more well-known, but tin or wool may seem like strange gifts. As a result, the Modern list was created to be more practical in the present.  Though for young couples, giving appliances on the fourth year may still be a stretch.

The items below serve mainly as guides and are open to interpretation. Get creative! For example, we know one couple that for “Paper” gave each other plane tickets. The anniversary list is wonderful to check off as the years go by and makes an interesting story to tell!

Anniversary Year Traditional Gifts Modern Gifts
1st Paper Clocks
2nd Cotton China
3rd Leather Crystal/Glass
4th Fruit/Flowers Appliances
5th Wood Silverware
6th Candy/Iron Wood
7th Wool/Copper Desk Sets
8th Bronze/Pottery Linens/Lace
9th Pottery/Willow Leather
10th Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry
11th Steel Fashion Jewelry
12th Silk/Linen Pearls
13th Lace Textile Furs
14th Ivory Gold Jewelry
15th Crystal Watches
20th China Platinum
25th Silver Silver
30th Pearl Diamond
35th Coral Jade
40th Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold
60th Diamond Diamond


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