Politics And Ecards, A Perfect Union


Here are Obama and Romney from each of their versions of the completely silly Dancing Candidates cards.


At Doozcards, I think you’ll be relieved to know we don’t’ take a political stand. We try to find the humorous side of the election.  Here and there over the years, a couple of customers have accused us of favoring one side or the other, but our office actually is a mix of both parties.  We often joke that our votes cancel each other out. These days we all need a sense of humor about American politics.  In our house, we’ve been watching the debates and we had a lot of reactions.  “Why did he say that?”  “Is he really making that point?” Of course, the internet is teaming with a lot of heated opinions.  Jon Stuart, Stephen Colbert and SNL keep me laughing about this election. This SNL satire of the debates gives some good giggles. We should keep our sense of humor, especially if we want to keep all our friends right? If you want to keep your sense of humor about the election, send silly ecards from our Political Ecards page. When we made the Obama Dancing Birthday ecard and the Mitt Romney Dancing Birthday ecard, I could not stop laughing.  The costumes are so absurd, especially the Korean flag dancing one.   We have a mix of funny political ecards and some musical political ecards.  Also, if you are looking for political ecards for free we have some in our free ecards section.

Here’s a link to the hilarious SNL debate spoof:  http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/gop-debate-cold-opening/1358180

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