Eat Beignets and Send Mardi Gras Ecards

Today, I made the kids wear mardi gras beads to Farmer’s market in Los Angeles while we all ate gumbo.  They weren’t entirely happy with the gumbo but the beignets were a big hit.   The four year old even did some dancing next to our table with a face covered in sugar. Naturally we had to throw our beads to him which made him very excited. 
At  Doozycards we believe you don’t have to be in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras.  Throw on some beads and send Mardi Gras ecards such as the Dancing Crayfish Mardi Gras ecard.   The New Orleans celebration Mardi Gras ecard has also  been a very popular Mardi Gras ecard this year.   Or if you want the President to deliver your Mardi Gras message, you can send the Talking Obama Mardi Gras ecard.  Whether you are surrounded by snow or enjoying warm weather, we hope you wear your beads on Mardi Gras and dip at least one beignet into a hot cup of coffee.

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