St. Patrick’s Day Ecards and Golden Retrievers

We want to thank all our customers for sending in the adorable pictures of their golden retrievers in response to our line of golden retriever ecards.  This adorable pic of Abby is one of our favorites.


We are happy to see you are enjoying our St. Patrick’s Day Golden Retrievers ecard (To charm friends and family with our  St. Patrick’s Day ecards click here).

My brother Allen finally gave his six kids what they had been begging for – a golden retriever puppy.   Molly is an adorable and constant companion for their baby, Hudson.   They play for hours while the commotion of the other kids happens around them. Of course, now my own three boys are begging for a dog.  My son insists we buy a dog like Gibson (the famous seven foot dog).  I have tried to tell him, he would have to carry around a giant shovel and paper grocery bag on all walks.   He insists he wants to do this and it will change his life.  I know it will at least change his biceps!

We hope you enjoy our new cards this week and we here at Doozycards wish you all a Happy St. Patty’s Day.

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