Happy Valentine’s Day! Send many new Valentine Ecards.

Happy Valentine’s Day to our wonderful customers!    At Doozycards, we are all so pleased you are enjoying and sending all our new Valentine ecards.  We try to make a Valentine ecard for everyone.  We made our first Valentine photo insert ecard , Dancing Cupid Insert Your Photo.  We are also happy to see the Valentine ecard, Magical Heart is popular.  Our animator Carolyn, worked really hard to make this beautiful card.  I told Bennett, I don’t think mice are cute but I was so wrong!  Thanks to Caroline’s all-nighters, this Valentine ecard is amazing.  
My kids and their cousins, of course, love the Valentine ecard, Doggies in Rome.  My brother, who has six kids (five boys!) just got a golden retriever puppy.  So we will have to add Molly the puppy to our next golden retriever ecards too.
 We also made  adult ecards and hope they don’t offend anyone.  We do receive a  lot of requests for adult ecards and they are popular.  The romantic adult ecard, Valentine 4 Him is apparently being used for a lot of flirting this Valentine’s day.  We also had to make the funny adult ecard,  Hot Valentine Surprise.  We do laugh a lot when we make these adult surprise ecards.
Whether you are single or married too many years to count, we wish each and everyone one of our customers a content and peace filled Valentines Day.

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