Original, Creative Valentine Gift Ideas that Avoid Clichés

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and chances are you’re already feeling like you have to do something wildly romantic and memorable for your special someone. The trouble is, with all of the red, candy-shaped hype surrounding the holiday; it’s hard to avoid the predictable corny clichés of red roses and fancy dinner reservations. But that’s not for you and your sweetheart, right? You want to do something unique and fun that you both will enjoy, whether you’ve been lovebirds for years or only recently started dating.

This Valentine’s Day, you want to feel more like Cupid and less like a cheeseball. So, to help you find plan a romantic day that doesn’t involve the typical box of chocolates that everyone gets, here are some of our favorite, original, creative Valentine gift ideas that avoid clichés.

The cliché: A heart-shaped box of chocolates

The alternative: Chocolate making class

making chocolate

So many people grab a boring box of chocolates from CVS at the last minute, but you’ll have way more fun together by signing up for a chocolate making class. There will be plenty of amazing quality chocolate for you both to sample throughout class and afterward you can take your newfound skill home and let your imaginations run wild. If you can’t find a class where you live, you could also order some fancy chocolate bars from a craft maker like Mast Brother Chocolates.

The cliché: A dozen roses

The alternative: Create a mini-garden

Couple Planting Plant In Garden

Skip the overpriced roses and head to your local nursery where they can help you put together an adorable mini-garden in a planter box full of fragrant, living flowers or culinary herbs if you two like to cook. If you don’t have the space or time for a garden, find your sweetheart’s favorite flowers or some colorful, exotic ones.

The cliché: Jewelry

The alternative: An adventure

Young tourist couple looking at the views in the city.

Don’t get us wrong, jewelry can be a beautiful gift, but on Valentine’s Day it always feels forced. Instead, plan a fun adventure to someplace you and your loved one have always wanted to go. It doesn’t have to be a far off, expensive location; you could explore somewhere in your own town or neighborhood, or get tickets to see a band or show you both like, just choose something fun and you’ll create lasting memories together.

The cliché: A generic store-bought card

The alternative: A personalized and clever eCard

Okay, you got us, we’re a little biased here at Doozy Cards, but receiving a hilarious, romantic Valentine’s Day eCard that your sweetheart personalized with a special message is way more fun than any store-bought sentiment in a card. An added benefit: Sending your sweetheart a series of fun, romantic ecards all day long at no extra cost.

What are some of your favorite original Valentine’s Day ideas? Let us know in the comment section.

Hilarious and Naughty eCards to Give Your Significant Other

There are some nights when you’re in the mood for candlelit dinners, Barry White on the stereo and hours spent staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. While we know you love that romantic goodness, we also know there some nights when you’re feeling more frisky and funny than lovey and dovey. For those special nights, there’s nothing better than letting your special someone know how you feel by treating them to a blush and a laugh. That’s why we’ve got plenty of hilarious and naughty eCards to give your significant other for those times when you’re feeling a bit mischievous.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to check out some of our favorite adult eCards, (for mature eyes only, of course!) and get ready to get a bit saucy tonight.

Love and Dating Stripping Bon Bons

Hilarious and Naughty eCards to Give Your Significant Other

Hilarious and Naughty eCards to Give Your Significant Other

We all know that chocolate is one way to your loved one’s heart, so heat things up with these sexy chocolate treats, that are sure to make them melt. Get ready to turn things on with these hilarious chocolate lovers. Continue reading

Donna B.’s Valentine Letter

We received a request from an ailing customer for help with her membership. She has fallen on hard times, so we were happy to extend her membership for her as she asked.

With her permission, we are posting her letter to us here. We have made it look nice with some color and minimal decoration, but the words are hers. (“Christopher” is the Customer Support team member with whom Donna was corresponding) We want to share it with you as a reminder for all of us: Give your Love Now. If you hold back, you may lose your opportunity to uplift others with your message of love. Send Love openly and always.



















Donna will be sending our Valentine’s Day ecards and you can too. We hope our work makes you and your beloved smile. We hope you feel inspired to share your love with all of us.

Mood Food for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Chocolates

Oysters often come to mind when thinking of aphrodisiac food, but can food really ignite that inner fire…baby?

Certain foods definitely have psychoactive properties and some actually increase blood flow to the genitals (move over Viagra, here come bananas!)

So this Valentine’s Day, after sending one of our free Valentine’s Day ecards to that certain someone, include a few of these feel-good foods on the menu and play some Barry White (an aural aphrodisiac).

Then let the magic begin, you sexy thang, you.

Sexy Mood Foods:

–      Bananas

–      Avocados (which were banned in Spain by Catholic priests back in the day for appearing to be too sexual.)

–      Almonds

–      Chocolate (that one’s a given, right?)

–      Basil

–      Figs

–      Garlic (definitely gets the blood pumping…and if you’re both eating it, the scent on each others’ breath won’t be a problem…. unless you are Edward and Bella)

–      Asparagus

–      Oysters (raw, preferred…and yes, they really do work.)

–      Honey (used internally or externally)

We reserve the right to refuse answering any question on how we researched these items, but we encourage you, dear readers, to do your own research, vigorously!

Source: Alternet  (http://www.alternet.org/story/132846/the_top_10_aphrodisiac_foods)