Mood Food for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Chocolates

Oysters often come to mind when thinking of aphrodisiac food, but can food really ignite that inner fire…baby?

Certain foods definitely have psychoactive properties and some actually increase blood flow to the genitals (move over Viagra, here come bananas!)

So this Valentine’s Day, after sending one of our free Valentine’s Day ecards to that certain someone, include a few of these feel-good foods on the menu and play some Barry White (an aural aphrodisiac).

Then let the magic begin, you sexy thang, you.

Sexy Mood Foods:

–      Bananas

–      Avocados (which were banned in Spain by Catholic priests back in the day for appearing to be too sexual.)

–      Almonds

–      Chocolate (that one’s a given, right?)

–      Basil

–      Figs

–      Garlic (definitely gets the blood pumping…and if you’re both eating it, the scent on each others’ breath won’t be a problem…. unless you are Edward and Bella)

–      Asparagus

–      Oysters (raw, preferred…and yes, they really do work.)

–      Honey (used internally or externally)

We reserve the right to refuse answering any question on how we researched these items, but we encourage you, dear readers, to do your own research, vigorously!

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