Thanksgiving in Other Ways

happy thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that just screams tradition: one of our friends always has chocolate Thanksgiving turkeys at her table, while some make sure the same people always prepare the same item of food (I mean, how can you assign mashed potatoes to Uncle Bob when Cousin Barb has already perfected the art of perfectly smooth, buttery mash?). The DoozyCards family was curious about other traditions people may celebrate, and little did we know what we fell into when we looked up a few lists!

One thing we love in our home is candied yams, those delectable fluffy potatoes glazed with butter and brown sugar and cooked until the marshmallow topping is just satisfyingly golden brown. Dare I say, candied yams may even be a Southern specialty—why, you ask? Because we call our sweet potatoes yams, even though they’re not really yams…

Did you just do a double-take? No worries, everyone does when I start discussing how yams and sweet potatoes are really synonymous to each other, especially in North America. The yam we know and love is actually a soft sweet potato with copper skin and deep orange flesh, whereas sweet potatoes are really firm with golden skin and lighter flesh. Traditional yams are native to Africa and Asia, and while still brown, the skin is actually bark-like and the flesh can be white, purple, or reddish in color!

So, what’s the takeaway in my yamming on about yams? We’re partaking in the tradition of celebrating a certain food, just like Ghana does with its Yam Festival known as Homowo. But Homowo is more than just about the yams—it also celebrates the bountiful harvest and being together with family and friends—sounds a lot like Thanksgiving, doesn’t it?

And for the family members that can’t be with us as we enjoy our Thanksgiving bounty, we make sure to send them a Thanksgiving eCard. Whether it is a rapping Turkey or a flashdance Turkey, our greeting  cards are always fun to send—the autumn colors always get me in the mood for the season—but post offices are closed on Thanksgiving, and we’re always grateful for a Thanksgiving surprise, especially if it’s in the form of an eCard. We added quite a few new ones to spread your Thanksgiving wishes around, so you can find something for everyone! Have a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving feast—and don’t forget the candied yams!

5 Thanksgiving ECards to Send to Your Loved ones

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and as we get ready for a delicious feast, parades and football watching, now is a great time to remind our family and friends how much we love them. Whether you’ll be seeing them at the holiday dinner table or they live many miles away, here are 5 Thanksgiving eCards to send your loved ones to show them you care.  From the hilarious to the heartfelt, here are some of our favorites:

1. Thanksgiving Magic Across The Miles

5 Thanksgiving ECards to Send to Your Loved ones

5 Thanksgiving ECards to Send to Your Loved ones

One of 3 new Thanksgiving eCards, this charming greeting will send goodwill, love and a bit of magic to your family and friends, courtesy of our favorite holiday fairy.

2. First Black Friday

5 Thanksgiving ECards to Send to Your Loved ones

5 Thanksgiving ECards to Send to Your Loved ones

Ever wonder how the tradition of Black Friday got started? This adorable and funny Thanksgiving eCard takes you and your loved ones on a beautiful journey through a New England forest to show you just how the Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated the biggest shopping day of the year.

3. Thanksgiving Selfies

5 Thanksgiving ECards to Send to Your Loved ones

5 Thanksgiving ECards to Send to Your Loved ones

These days it seems like everyone is taking selfies, from grandma to your little niece. This Thanksgiving, send your loved ones a smile and a laugh with this silly new Thanksgiving eCard.

4. Turkey Escape

Everyone is excited about Thanksgiving dinner, everyone but the turkey! Share this hilarious eCard with your loved ones to see how this turkey makes his great escape for the holiday.

5. Thanksgiving Golden RetrieversThese adorable dogs can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving! Watch as they discover all sorts of fun surprises around the beautiful fall scenery and let your friends and family know how much you miss them this holiday season.
We absolutely love Thanksgiving at Doozy Cards, and can’t wait to celebrate with our loved ones. What are some of the things that you’re most grateful for this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

Tips for a Saner Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Pooches have the ultimate survival technique for the day.

If you’re like me, the holidays can often feel like a hectic whirlwind of overindulgence. It’s tough to find peace and give genuine thanks amid the frenetic energy.

Below are a few techniques to try this Thanksgiving to make your day more satisfying and relaxed amid the chaos and the hype:

  1. Make the morning yours. Before you jump headlong into holiday mode with your family and friends, take some time out in the early hours to ground yourself. A reflective walk or a hot bath will often do the trick. Consider it mental prep work before the big day ahead.
  2. Take some time for gratitude. Sure, sure…we all nod and say, “Of course, we’re thankful…now let’s eat.” Since the name of the holiday has both “thanks” and “giving” in it, couldn’t we kick it up a notch? Giving thanks is a quick and easy way, even for the less spiritual of us, to gain some perspective on our life.
  3. Ease up on the overeating. In our “oversize it” world, this seems like a near impossibility. But this isn’t an eating contest; it’s a meal—one of many others you will eat in a lifetime. Drink copious amounts of water that day and remember: it takes 20 minutes for your brain to acknowledge you’re full so slow it down!
  4. Walk away. Many people are thrown into complicated social dynamics during the holidays, especially with family members who know just the right button to push. Take some time to check in with yourself throughout the day. Take a break from the crowd. Go for a short walk alone, sit outside on a lawn chair, listen to some music in your car, breathe in the (hopefully) fresh air. The chaos will be much more manageable, guaranteed.
  5. Solo holidays are all right! Not everyone has a family to visit. Many are far from loved ones. And some would prefer to be alone than with family. And guess what? That’s all right. Who else knows what you like better than yourself? Tailor make a holiday just the way you like it, even if it’s simple (which are often the best). Remove the stigma and you’ll see just how enjoyable a holiday alone can be.

If you can’t be with a loved one this holiday, send funny ecards this Thanksgiving. Heck, send one to yourself! We have a fun and festive collection of Thanksgiving ecards that are free and easy to share.


Thanksgiving Caption Contest

We are so delighted that our animator, Amanda, made such a completely CUTE ecard for Thanksgiving, we want to share the fun with you.

Create your own caption for this scene from the card (below). Our Writers, Animation director, and creative team will pick the best caption and we will post the winner on our blog here and on Facebook for all to enjoy!

Here are all our charming Thanksgiving ecards.

Alternative Uses for the Common Turkey

So you bought yourself a turkey but the idea of cooking it seems so horribly…passé. Especially when this “wonder bird” offers a range of other fun possibilities.

Consider the following uses:

Ice Skates – just insert blades in a pair of birds and truss your feet in. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends who blindly adhere to the traditional (and ho-hum) ice-skates.

Edible Doghouse for Small Dogs – Kill two birds with one stone with this brilliant habitat for pups. Not only does a large turkey comfortably house your little pooch, it also serves as Spot’s dinner.

Car Wax Mitt – Why use toxic, chemically-laden car wax to polish your car when an organic turkey’s natural fats can add an unmistakable sheen? (Also perfect for buffing your hardwood floors.)

Airplane Pillow – We all know how difficult it is to get comfortable on an airplane. Why twist and turn when a turkey holds all the creature comfort you really need?

Bobbing for Turkey – Your friends will love this out-of-the-box, apple-free game! Just fill up a tub of water, drop the turkeys in, and let the fun begin!

Boxing Gloves – Back in the day, when pugilists couldn’t afford pricey boxing gloves, they often resorted to a pair of common turkeys to deliver their punch…and they still pack a wallop!

Baby Seat – Simply truss your child into the safe and comfortable confines of a large
turkey, buckle up, and off you go!

Lunchbox Pail – Metrosexuals everywhere love the cool, chic and distinctive look of a turkey lunchbox. Everyone will ask, “Where did he get that?” Not Bloomingdales, baby!

A Fashionable Hand Muff – Keep your hands warm this winter by using a turkey as a hand muffler. (For added warmth, cook the turkey first.)

Gift Wrapping – Need a quick wrap for that bottle of wine? Turkey. A diamond ring for the love of your life? Turkey. Don’t have time to get a gift? A turkey with an IOU note.

If you plan on simply cooking and eating your turkey (yawn), then we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, where a fun and festive collection of Thanksgiving ecards awaits your delivery.