Tips for a Saner Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Pooches have the ultimate survival technique for the day.

If you’re like me, the holidays can often feel like a hectic whirlwind of overindulgence. It’s tough to find peace and give genuine thanks amid the frenetic energy.

Below are a few techniques to try this Thanksgiving to make your day more satisfying and relaxed amid the chaos and the hype:

  1. Make the morning yours. Before you jump headlong into holiday mode with your family and friends, take some time out in the early hours to ground yourself. A reflective walk or a hot bath will often do the trick. Consider it mental prep work before the big day ahead.
  2. Take some time for gratitude. Sure, sure…we all nod and say, “Of course, we’re thankful…now let’s eat.” Since the name of the holiday has both “thanks” and “giving” in it, couldn’t we kick it up a notch? Giving thanks is a quick and easy way, even for the less spiritual of us, to gain some perspective on our life.
  3. Ease up on the overeating. In our “oversize it” world, this seems like a near impossibility. But this isn’t an eating contest; it’s a meal—one of many others you will eat in a lifetime. Drink copious amounts of water that day and remember: it takes 20 minutes for your brain to acknowledge you’re full so slow it down!
  4. Walk away. Many people are thrown into complicated social dynamics during the holidays, especially with family members who know just the right button to push. Take some time to check in with yourself throughout the day. Take a break from the crowd. Go for a short walk alone, sit outside on a lawn chair, listen to some music in your car, breathe in the (hopefully) fresh air. The chaos will be much more manageable, guaranteed.
  5. Solo holidays are all right! Not everyone has a family to visit. Many are far from loved ones. And some would prefer to be alone than with family. And guess what? That’s all right. Who else knows what you like better than yourself? Tailor make a holiday just the way you like it, even if it’s simple (which are often the best). Remove the stigma and you’ll see just how enjoyable a holiday alone can be.

If you can’t be with a loved one this holiday, send funny ecards this Thanksgiving. Heck, send one to yourself! We have a fun and festive collection of Thanksgiving ecards that are free and easy to share.


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