Mother’s Day; a Laugh Riot?










Our Director of Operations watches what you guys send each other like a hawk watches bunnies in a Wyoming field in April. So he knows what goes on. He came to us today baffled but happy. Apparently one of the very top, most popular Mother’s Day ecard categories we have is…. Funny Mother’s Day eCards!

Now, having a male involved in the Day of Supreme Female Rights and Responsibilities does take a certain amount of learning curve. But he was very good at getting the important aesthetic qualities of making cards to honor women who rear the next generations of our species: certain preferred color stories, sensitivity to human emotion, willful expressions of love and respect, heartfelt appreciation. You know, things guys don’t do much of, HA!

But what he did not know, was how very real, how dirt-and-earth real woman are about life and, especially, about motherhood. See, he’s a bachelor, HE never had to change a SUV load of baby poo, pick up a container ship load of toys, never had to clean food spatter from behind his ears, and never had to navigate the complexities of multiple developing psyches while keeping his own intact. Par for the course for mothers, right?

So he never understood how absolutely essential LAUGHTER and HUMOR are to survivor/warrior child raisers. It lets off the steam which allows a heavier load bearing. It makes the struggle noble again after it gets absurd. It affirms that we are not the only ones going through these exotically onerous tasks and tribulations. And it confirms our vast worth as mothers.

Be assured, Sisters, there are enough of us (and a number of enlightened men) at Doozy to bring YOU, the Mom-in-the-Field some steam-releasing funny Mother’s Day eCards. Have yourself a good laugh and a great Mother’s Day. You, my Dear, have earned them both!

Our entire collection of Mother’s Day eCards can be seen here too.


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