This year, the new summer vacation happens at home. Here are some ideas how to make your money saving stay-cation as fun as a trip to Aruba. Tap into your inner vacationer and enjoy the trip.

1. Put a lei on yourself and the dog.

2. Set up a Buffet table in the living room: use a white table cloth and then set out pastries, fresh fruit served in half a carved out watermelon. Have coffee, mimosas and a newspaper (subscribe for the “Aruba Today” newspaper to be delivered to your home).

3. Play Calypso steel drum music and open the doors for a breeze (or just blast the air conditioner).

4. Put colorful drink umbrellas in blended drinks, your hair, the kids’ sandwiches. Also an excellent choice for poking anyone who isn’t taking the stay-cation seriously.

5. Create an outdoor bar with a bowl of nuts and iced drinks in a blender. Remember to set out a tip jar (more savings for you!)

6. Visit your newly created in-home spa: put Eucalyptus oil on a warm, wet hand towel, recline in a dark room and put place the towel on your face for deep breathing.

7. Grab a blended drink (you see the emphasis on tropical blended drinks here; it helps the illusion) and recline on a chaise lounge with a good, non-serious book. If you’re looking for an easy read with a witty female narrator I suggest Any Place I Hang My Hat by Susan Isaacs.

8. Take a yoga class in your living room. Order yoga videos from Netflix or video store.

9. Place gourmet chocolates and fresh cut flowers on your pillows (then put the box under the pillow so you can eat them all)

10. Send summer e-cards to local friends and family letting them know how much you are enjoying your stay-cation. “Wish you were here!”

Bon Voyage!


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