Pumpkin Pie

I made a pumpkin pie with my 12-year old son and his two little girl friends last week. The experience was less about the baking and more about the joys of pre-adolescent hormones. There was nonstop giggling the whole time.  It is the first sign that my little boy is growing-up – that he now enjoys the presence of girls!

During breaks within the flirtations, we made Paula Deen’s pumpkin pie recipe.   This turned out really well. The secret weapon here is ginger.

I am so grateful for family and friends during this time of year, and it makes me want to loved ones from miles away.  I send Thanksgiving emails to grandparents, cousins, college friends, etc.  Doozycards’s  free thanksgiving ecards are great for  those taking advantage of our special free ecard trial offer.  This year we have lots of new Thanksgiving ecards in production.  My favorite Thanksgiving ecard is Thanksgiving Golden Retrievers.


Aren’t they so cute!! This has been a popular Thanksgivng ecard on our site.  Bennett and I love golden retrievers.  We hope your pets will be invited to your Thanksgiving dinner table!  In the meantime, have fun baking your pumpkin pies and sending Thanksgiving ecards.

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