Animals Deserve to Wear Clothes Too

My brother always insists pets hate clothes.  That’s until I made a little red cowboy hat for their lizard, Mr. Bigglesworth.  I swear it gave him a sense of pride.  His eyes narrowed and he held his chin up high.  He could have been assuming a strike pose now that I think of it.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bigglesworth did not survive the cat . I offered to make him a burial outfit; but the kids insisted he be burried in his birthday suit in a shoebox.  Pets have endured my outfits and been saved by them( that’s another blog post).  However, I’m lucky I can fuel this passion of accessorizing animals into my work here at Doozycards.  My latest favorite is our new  3D Elvis Beagle who is wearing a wondeful gold jumpsuit.  Here’s a sneak peak:

Doozy Elvis Beagle
Our friend Peter who writes music for Elmo has composed the song for this birthday eCard.  It’s AMAZING.  We hope to post it in the next couple of weeks.  We have several new birthday e-cards in produciton so stay tuned. 
Thanks for choosing Doozycards and we are open to making any e-cards you want us to or to animal accessory ideas!   Just send me an email @:

– Chandler

Studies Prove Sending Ecards Can Increase Your Life Span.

My life span faces several challenges. I love potato chips and I have a special place in my heart for Krispy Kreme Caramel Kreme Crunch Doughnuts (OMG!).   So I need any life extenders I can find. Now there is great hope for me and all other other lovers of evil foods. According to studies, keeping in touch with friends does increase your life span.  An Australian research study pointed out that the benefits of having friends does affect the health and emotional well being of people so much so that life expectancy can be significantly increased.
The Greeting Card Association, says life is too short to wait for someone else to reach out to you.  They say sending a “thinking of you” or a “just because ” card can change someone’s day for the better. I agree.  I agree. I feel loved when I receive ecards.
I like to personalize what the talking flower says  in Talking Sunny Day e card  and send it to my eleven  year old. I make the flower say “pick up your filthy  socks, you little monster!”  Send your friend our Dairy Farm Birthday ecard on their birthday and give them an extra decade.  I hope we can all extend our lifespan with Ecards. My question is, how many ecards does it take to cancel out the saturated fats? 

– Chandler