Snug as a Pug in a Rug


If you’re a pug fan—or you know someone who is a pug fan—our singing pugs birthday ecard is a perfect choice. Where else can you hear pugs singing instead of making that snorting, grunting sounds? (Not that those snorting, grunting sounds aren’t simply adorable.)

How about these interesting pug facts to stick in your pipe?

  • Pugs have been around since 400 B.C. making them one of the oldest breeds of dogs.
  • The pug started off in China and was bred by Chinese royalty.
  • Buddhist monasteries considered the pug a religious symbol.
  • The Chinese so revered their precious pugs that they refused to trade them with the new world for hundreds of years. The pug didn’t appear in Europe until the 1800’s.
  • Famous pug owners include: Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria, Jessica Alba, Kelly Osbourne, Tori Spelling and Paula Abdul.
  • The pug has been listed in the top 20 dog breeds as determined by the American Kennel Club.

So pass on some pug love today and send our one-of-a-kind Singing Pug Birthday e-card today! 

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