New Dionne Warwick Tropical Birthday Ecard

We had so much fun making this new e card with Dionne.  First, Dionne and her son, Damon, recorded the whimsical and charming Caribbean style birthday song.  After hearing the song, Bennett hand drew some rough sketches (“very rough” he says). Here’s his first sketch of a bulldog in a sarong, and then a sketch for the beach background.


Next, we asked our animator, Gwyneth, to take these sketches and use them to design a gorgeous background, characters and props. As you can see, we ended up changing a lot: the outfits, the species of dogs, and we added a cabana stage.  Gwyneth really took the very basic original ideas and brought them to life.  Once the background, props and characters  were approved, we told Gwyneth to animate the card. Here are her designs for the doggies, the background, and the props.


Click here to see the final card.

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