Father’s Day for the Dadless

For some, Father’s Day can be tough, especially if you don’t have a parent around to share in the celebrations. Maybe you don’t talk anymore or maybe he’s passed on.

It may feel like everyone seems to have a Dad in place to give their gifts and send their Father’s day ecards to and you’re left with a feeling of longing and sadness.

Here are few pointers for the people who may be without a father this holiday:

  •  Appreciate the others in your life. At its core, Father’s Day is about honoring the presence of someone you love. Why not focus on the people who are in your life and how they matter? Send them funny e-cards or give them a call. Tell them how they have been a blessing to you. Or what about someone father-like in your life? Reach out and give thanks to teachers, mentors and older male friends. Certainly you can celebrate friends or relatives who are fathers themselves.
  •  Don’t let death get in the way. Just because your father may have passed on doesn’t mean he’s not still your father. Spend some time to review the many ways he has made you who you are today. Send him good wishes, wherever he may be. Pull out some photos and put them around your home. Light some candles in his honor. Wish him aloud a Happy Father’s Day.
  •  Make some peace. If you and your father no longer speak or there’s some long-held tension, what can you do to create some harmony this Father’s Day? Write a letter detailing your feelings, regardless of whether you send it. Focus on the ways he did contribute to your life. Note the similarities between the two of you–ones that you genuinely like. Father’s Day is a good time to look at those in-between places, where you can bridge that gap, even just a little.

We understand holidays can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And we hope you can celebrate your father in the best way possible this year, whatever that means to you.

You can see Father’s Day animated greeting choices for others here:



Here is one of our eCards for Sons who are Fathers themselves.

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