A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

We have been mostly nice all year. It seems everyone we know is cutting-back on toy spending this year, the economic situation being what it is. We’re enjoying sending Christmas ecards again this year.  At our house, we send unlimited funny Christmas ecards and holiday greeting cards to all our family and friends across the country. This has cut-down Christmas costs for us;  instead of spending money here and there on various $5 gift cards, we’re saving money with fun and beautiful Christmas ecards.

So we understand, Santa Claus, if you need to save on your expenses this year too. In our letters from years past, normally, we’ve asked for certain material items – remember when we asked for a car? Oh, and then there was that year with the letter where we explained to you just why exactly diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, we promise this year, Old St. Nick, that we’re okay with just the health of our families, a blessing on this great country, and wishes for a prosperous 2012.

We have so much to be thankful for.


The Doozy Team

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