4 Ultimate Birthday Cake Recipes that are Easy and Delicious!

Baking a yummy birthday cake is far more fun than just picking one up at the store. But if you’re worried that you might not be the expert cake boss you’ve watched on TV, don’t worry! Doozy Cards is here to the rescue with the 4 ultimate birthday cake recipes that are easy and delicious!

4 Ultimate Birthday Cake Recipes that are Easy and Delicious!

4 Ultimate Birthday Cake Recipes that are Easy and Delicious!

1. Classic Yellow Cake with Fudge Frosting

Why get fancy when you can treat your friends and family to this reliable tasty recipe for their birthday cake? The secret to making this cake’s rich frosting is to stir it vigorously once it has cooled. The fudge-y goodness of this cake and its straightforward recipe are irresistible.

2. Ice Cream Crunch Cake

Everyone loves ice cream with their cake, so why not combine them? This super tasty treat is a breeze to make and is always a hit. Best of all you can use any flavor ice cream that your heart desires and decorate the top with fun sprinkles or funky designs.

3. Red Velvet Cake

This beautiful red cake make a big splash at birthday parties, and is surprisingly simple to make. With a bit of food coloring and a few short steps you’ll soon be delighting the birthday boy or girl with this melt-in-you-mouth Southern favorite.

4. The Best Chocolate-y Chocolate Cake Ever

Let’s get serious: a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting could rule the world! And this one is unbelievably delicious and easy to make. If you’ve got a friend or family member who is a chocolate lover, they are going to be in heaven when you make this cake for their birthday.

Delight your friends and loved ones with these amazingly tasty and super simple to make birthday cakes. Baking a scrumptious cake is a sure fire way to get invited back next year, and you may even have more friends requesting your baking talents for their birthday! And don’t forget to send one of our hilarious and thoughtful birthday eCards along with the cake!

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