Noteworthy Easter eCards to Send to a Loved One

We here at Doozy Cards are thrilled for the arrival of spring because it means Easter, one of the happiest, giddiest holidays, is just about here. If you get giddy over bunnies and colored eggs too, we’ve got perfect fun, beautiful and heartwarming Easter greetings in store for you. To help you choose, we’ve highlighted a few of our best Easter eCards to send to a loved one.

Easter Bluebirds

This card is one of our favorites because it is just so pretty. Our artist used a watercolor effect on the envelope and vase and the flowers are so bright and happy. For us, the bluebirds make the card really happy, really cheerful. We use bluebirds in a few of our cards for this reason. This one is for anyone you know who appreciates beauty and joy.

Noteworthy Easter eCards to Send to a Loved One

Noteworthy Easter eCards to Send to a Loved One

Dancing Easter Doggies

OK, we know we have a thing for dogs; but these ones are just so funny. They are funny because they are so damn CUTE in costumes! Call us over the top, but we are big proponents of animal costumery and these 4 pups are some of our best, if we may say so. Where else will you see a bulldog dressed up like a daffodil? They dance! They are mischievous! They have eggs!

He Has Risen

If you’re looking for more religious Easter eCards to send to your loved one, this thoughtful and inspiring greeting is perfect. Share the joy and miracle of Easter with this classic eCard sure to delight your friends and family with the Easter spirit.

Bunny Egg Catch

If you think adulthood makes you above searching around the house or yard to find all of the Easter eggs that the bunny has hidden then this is for you. It’s our silly Easter eCard game and you can play it in your office or slouching on the sofa while the kids are looking for the real thing. It’s addicting. It’s a game and a puzzle. And you don’t gain any weight from the candy!

Easter Church

Gathering friends and family together to celebrate the joys of Easter is so wonderful and this heartwarming Easter eCard captures that special feeling. Share your Easter blessings with your friends and family and let them know how important they are to you on this meaningful holiday.

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