Back to School

It’s always bitter sweet as summer comes to a close and the school year starts again.  Yesterday, we enjoyed a Labor Day BBQ with some friends. We savored the last of summer foods from the local farmer’s market. Fresh watermelon, burgers with roasted peppers and basil and for dessert, figs with brown sugar melted on top.   It was so delicious.

We pulled our three kids out of our friends’ pool and headed home, tired but ready to return to our fall schedules of early wake ups, Saturday soccer, Cub Scouts events, tennis tournaments, orchestra practice, homework, and more school activities.

This morning, our preschooler was sulking as he prepared to return to another year of preschool.  I told him he was the big boy and there would be younger kids crying on their first day.  We encouraged him to let the new kids know the school was a happy place and give them a hug if they needed one. Then, his six year old brother chimed in yelling that he would get stickers for being nice to the other kids.  Excitedly, our preschooler grabbed his lunch box to leave but then again became sullen as we tried to take his first-day-back-to-school pictures.  When my husband returned from dropping him off, I was relieved to find out he had entered the school happily, waving and smiling.

It was an emotional morning for us but now  I am back to work, snuggling in a sweater and some warm socks!  We have a big Fall planned at Doozycards.  We have over twenty new cards currently in production.  We are very excited to show you what we have been working hard on all summer.  As soon as we have our new line ready we will post it on the site.  Stay tuned and Happy Fall!

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