New Fall Fairy E-card

Bennett and I love Fall especially because it’s so much fun to write the new Halloween cards and animate the beautiful, multi-colored Fall leaves.  Animated leaves can be gorgeous as they gently fall to the ground or surprisingly scary as they turn into bats! (See our new and upcoming Autumn and Halloween cards).   Our lovely little fairies can also be surprised by modern conveniences!  Check out what happens to our adorable plump fairy in Autumn Fairy Surprise animated greeting. This funny fall e-card  has been very popular already which makes us very happy.


My 3 boys and I will run through the leaves as soon as they hit the streets and even dive into a few leaf piles.  I also promised the kids we would make candy this Halloween.  Yipes! I know nothing about making candy so any tips, recipes or recommended websites would be much appreciated.  I found these websites which look very informative: and Any suggestions on candy making or shared funny Fall leaf stories would be appreciated!

– Chandler

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