World Premier of our new Father’s Day ecard: The Country Singing Steak

I don’t know about you, but the dads at Doozy are BIG on barbeque. They have very specific rules on how to barbeque and will generally not let you touch the grill, unless you’ve had years of hands-on training. Of course, the end result is deliciousness, so we dutifully let them rule the grill like a backyard king.

So our latest Father’s Day e-card is in dedication to all of the barbequing dads out there. It was designed by our animator Tom (who has worked with Adam Sandler on several

Father's Day Country Singing Steak

Country Singing Steak, watch him before he grills!

animation projects). The song lyrics were composed by Mukti Garceau (our resident lyricist and poet) and the script was written by myself (creative director, Bennett Schneider).

Here are some quick barbeque tips, relayed to you by some of our dads:

  •  Clean grills make for better food. Removing old ashes and food help with better overall circulation and the taste of the food.
  •  Turn chicken every 5 minutes. Chicken can be tricky. So rotate is consistently to ensure its done and it doesn’t blister.
  •  To reduce over browning, wait to apply barbeque sauce. Most marinate their meat and chicken in the sauce but one dad suggests waiting to apply barbeque sauce until the last two minutes to avoid over-browning. Sure you can marinate ahead of time, just wait to apply sauce.
  •  Jazz up your burger. There are a lot of fun ingredients you can add to your burger for a different twist: pine nuts, fresh herbs, minced garlic, jalapeno peppers, minced onion, feta cheese, wild rice…even cranberries!
  •  Don’t leave your barbeque! One dad swears by this. “Barbeques are not ovens where you can walk away for ten or fifteen minutes. Barbeques need to be monitored. Things can change really quickly!”

So there you go: tips for a great barbeque and a country singing steak in one of our newest Father’s Day ecards. What more could a dad ask for? (Well, if you’re dad’s a vegetarian, take a look at our other funny Father’s Day e-cards!)

P.S. What band do the wieners pay homage to in our Country Singing Steak e-card?

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  1. I love getting doozy emessages from my sister in Ca ifornia. What a great Idea11111111111111111111111111111111111

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