What’s So Wrong with Mommy Dearest?


That’s what my mom asked me, after we watched the movie many years ago. She didn’t think Joan Crawford (played to perfection by Faye Dunaway) seemed all that bad.

According to my mom:

“I don’t think her daughter had it that bad. Her mom provided her with an incredible life and loved her in own way. She was under an enormous amount of pressure and did the best she could. Listen, all mothers can seem like Mommy Dearest in the eyes of a child.”

Oh, my mom, sticking up for mean mothers everywhere. But maybe she has a point, albeit indirectly. Moms wield a tremendous amount of power in our life, especially early on. In our eyes, they can be seen as monsters, holding us back, punishing us for no reason and hindering our desires to explore the world.

Dads are often seen as the knight in shining armor, saving us from this horrible woman. He says kind things, while Mommy Dearest says mean things. He gives us gifts while Mommy Dearest takes them away. Of course, as adults, we know that often mothers have the not-so-fun role of running a household and keeping everyone in line.

Who knows how Joan Crawford really was as a mother? (Other than she and her children.) And who are we to judge really? Don’t get me wrong: she seemed a bit…bent. But let us not forget that the perception issue of a child can be a bit skewed as well, including our own.

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