Carpe April Fools Diem/ Create Shocks and Giggles

I have enjoyed turning my husband white with shock using several April Fools Pranks: “I’m Pregnant” (my favorite), “There’s a plane in the front yard!”(deliver the stuttering & red faced), or “there’s a rattle snake in the bathtub!” (deliver red faced while screaming and jumping frantically ).  Good times.  Seldom can I remember having this much fun.  I don’t forget the kids either.  These are my favorites: open their drawer for their morning clothes and scream “RATS!” and run away; or run inside the house in total wide-eyed shock yelling “Oh my God (beat) there’s a giant UFO outside, pack your bags (run off to open drawers throwing everything in a bag); or my all time favorite, “kids we are moving to Syberia(beat, muster tear) it’s only temporary…I hope” (break down sobbing).
Looking around for this year’s inspiration I found a fun site of top 100 hoaxes: Museum of Hoaxes.
Since life is short, we must create giggles and laughs for those we cherish. Otherwise life would be dull. For this purpose we made Cupcake Surprise, which is turning out to be a customer favorite. It still makes Bennett and I laugh when we watch it. We also made the Government Bailout Game.  It’s addicting and just as difficult in cyber space as it is in reality. We are thinking of you all here at Doozycards and we wish you a very happy and fulfilling April Fools Day!