New Political ecards Collection

You asked for it and we’re giving it to you- more free political ecards.  Please check out our brand new  free political ecards section.  It’s fun to see Obama and McCain do victory dances or our check out our new McCain salsa funny ecard.  If you want the candidates to deliver your own personalized message (this option is very popular) send our Talking Obama  ecard and our Talking McCain ecard.  Our political White House birthday ecard staring President Bush, Cheeney and Condeleezza has been a best seller.  Perhaps you want to send a photo insertion political ecard.  If your humor is edgy,  you might enjoy our Whitehouse Farts ecard.  If you do not have an account, you can send free ecards with our free ten-day free trial.   We love receiving your feedback and want to make connecting with friends and family fun this election year.  Just remember, as my good friend who works in Washington says,  “our jobs aren’t too different…You dream up a bunch of characters producing lots of hot air.  I live with a bunch of characters producing lots of hot air!!!”

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