sasquatch-blogMy nephew Robbie Cooke dreamed up this Halloween Sasquatch e-card and wrote the script.  My brother and I have 8 boys between us and I can say for sure this e-card is  pure boy humor.  Bennett voiced the Sasquatch and our animator Josh made it all come to life.  This is without a doubt my favorite holiday.    My teen is going as a big burrito wrapped in tin foil.  This is the perfect recession costume unlike the $100 sandwich we built a few years back in an upholstery factory in Compton.  For the steak burrito we did all our shopping in the Rite Aid dumpster where we found the perfect Loreal make up box. Otis  cut out holes for his arms and head and then wrapped the box in tin foil.  With a large sharpie, he wrote steak in giant letters on the back.  Then, he  skateboarded down to 7-Eleven in his giant burrito costume and they gave him free candy. Let me tell you it’s the little things with kids.  He was so excited.  Today he’s heading over to Chipotle (his favorite restaurant) where he is convinced they are giving him a free burrito.      My little ones are going as Batman and a zombie.  I still have to make the zombie dog.  Any ideas?  Here at Doozy we wish you all a very Happy Halloween!


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