Hurricane Sandy – How We Can Help


If, like us, you have family or friends in the states affected by Hurricane Sandy, or you are simply moved by the disaster, and you want to reach out and help, here are some organizations who are helping and to whom we can give our support as a way of pitching in to provide assistance to people whose lives have been damaged by the storm.

Red Cross

The Red Cross is the world’s leading, and most trusted disaster relief service. You can see information and make a donation Here.

NYC Service

Mayor Bloomberg has activated the hurricane shelter system in New York and is in need of trained volunteers. Help volunteers at evacuation shelters and after the storm. To learn more, email

Save The Children

Save The Children provides child-friendly space kits, including diapers and hygiene items. The organization also maintains a U.S. Emergencies Fund, that allow for disaster planning, emergency preparedness, response and recovery work and psychological support. Save the Children says it’s committed to the same level of support for the impending storm. Learn more here.


The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is taking steps to assist animals and pets affected or endangered by Sandy. You can donate and read about their work Here.


AmeriCares provides relief overseas to those countries and people in desperate situations due to the Hurricane., particularly in hard struck Haiti. You can read about their work and donate Here.

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