How to Say your Sorry Sweetly











So you messed up and it’s time to fess up. Saying your sorry is not always an easy process but it can provide a ton of relief and comfort to both parties.

According to “Psychology Today”, the emotional benefits include:

  • A person who has been harmed feels emotional healing when he or she is acknowledged by the wrongdoer.
  • When we receive an apology, we no longer perceive the wrongdoer as a personal threat.
  • Apology helps us to move past our anger and prevents us from being stuck in the past.
  • Apology opens the door to forgiveness by allowing us to have empathy for the wrongdoer.

But we know how you struggle with those two words. Not to worry! We’ve got it covered. Doozy offers up several apologetic ecards that say you’re sorry without the possibility of slipping up (like the dreaded “I’m sorry but…” Don’t add that extra word, man).

And we add just the right amount of comedy to your e-apology without trivializing your issue. (A little humor serves as an icebreaker…and you probably need help wherever you can get it.)

Afraid it won’t work? The beautiful part with apologies is they work no matter what the outcome. Just the mere attempt of apologizing shifts viewpoints and softens anger.

So get going. Look over our heartfelt apology e-cards. Take a chance. What have you got to lose?

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