How to Save Your Relationship with a Birthday eCard

She won’t talk to you anymore. Done. Through. Kaput. Yet you keep trying, determined to win her back, you silly fool. Thing is, the harder you try, the farther she goes.

“You should have tried this hard when we were together,” she screeches, as she tosses roses at your feet and slams the door, where you remain for the next 43 very long minutes. Crickets chirp.

What’s a bloke to do? If you keep trying, there are these little things called restraining orders that can definitely put a crimp in your plans. And just cost a lot of money. (Though I know a really good lawyer, if you’re looking.)

First, back off. For a good, long time. Emotions run high after a break-up and it’s not time to go for a swim in the volcano. Respect her need for space. And her right hook.

And take some of your own, why don’t you? I mean, seriously, you could stand for some new clothes, a haircut and a night on the town with some friends. Pay a few visits to the gym. Get in touch with your primal side by eating cold spaghetti with your hands.

Once you feel less like a big old loser, then you can reach out. But beware. Texting can be deadly. So don’t do that. And email…sheesh, that’s pretty impersonal.

But an ecard…now you’re on to something. Let’s say she has a birthday coming up. Free birthday ecards are a creative, fun way to break the ice. It shows you care and respect her need for distance too. Win/win.

And if you choose just the right one, who knows…you could win her back. No promises. But you could. Then send us a free thank you ecard.

Here's a Romeo at the door with a lot more success! Sending a Birthday card to her is Definitely the way to go.

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