Flipping the Tables on Male/Female Communication

We have been very busy building over a dozen new categories of Birthday ecards for our customers. A lot of them categorize the men and women in our lives, like, ecards for Mom & ecards for Dad, for husband & wife, boyfriend & girlfriend, and so on. This made us remember an interesting point in an article a we recently read:

“If women have a disagreement with each other it affects all aspects of their relationship. Men can have a disagreement, move on to another subject and go get a drink together.”

Now, men aren’t always known for being super communicative when it comes to their feelings. They could stand to polish up on their interpersonal skills.

But that little quote got us thinking: what if women could stand a little break from being so communicative and take a lesson from the guy?

What if:

Women wrestled the next time they got in an argument with one another? Take it to the mat. Got physical instead of verbal. It would definitely save on cell phone minutes.

Women shut down completely and retreated to her respective cave? Men often expect women to initiate a lengthy, emotionally charged conversation. But what if she said, “Forget this. I’m out!” stormed off, went to the local bar and watched the game?

Women responded to every complaint with a hearty “You’re too sensitive”? Many women have been on the receiving end of this comment but what if they started doling it out, in just about any circumstance?

“Tina, I just want you to know how much I love spending time with you.”

“Man, you are so sensitive.”

What? I thought you’d like to hear that.”

“Wow. You’re really making me feel caged in. Give me some breathing room.”

“But I…”

“See? That’s what I’m talking about. Sensitive.”

Okay, we know…were generalizing. But our point is this: maybe there’s a time to shut down, retreat and go grab a beer at the local dive bar. Maybe there’s a time to go inward and just let an argument go, without any need to fix or repair it? Men and women have interpersonal advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes swapping skills could provide some answers or at least a fresh perspective, who knows?

One thing both sexes have in common: appreciation for gifts. We now have birthday cards for her and birthday e-cards for him as part of our wide selection of free birthday e-cards that make your loved one feel loved.

And just like love, you can give them for free!

A scene from one of the animations in our new "Birthday eCards for Him" category

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