Doozy Visits their Servers

Our programmer Jaysam took us to visit “Mabel”,  the Doozycards internet server, where she lives at a data center. Her data center is a well known posh facility, we discovered, with hundreds of other servers all chugging away loudly for their companies in one enormous linoleum paradise. Mabel is a high-class girl with  very famous neighbors like Netflix and Time Warner.
Our Creative Director, Bennett, like all Angelinos,  has been tortured by Time Warner Cable, so he grabbed the plugs to the cable empire’s gargantuan servers.  Jaysam, our nimble programmer, tackled  Bennett and wrestled him to the floor, saving millions of people from dark TV sets. We learned this is why all the servers are protected by chain link cages, because it is sooo tempting to pull a plug that has HUGE consequences.  Just a perverse part of human nature, they guess.

We are going to save for a fur coat for Mabel since they freeze the poor little servers with constant air conditioning blasts.  Mabel’s a doll though.  A real workhorse.  She’s only the size of two stereo receivers. She is also safely locked inside a cabinet,  protecting all  your cards and correspondence.

server-visit-4Our entire correspondence with our customers goes in and out of these cables!


Bennett and I pretended to be Sergei and Larry from Google surrounded by all these stacked servers.  We thank Jaysam for a fun tour and for protecting all our customers accounts and cards so vigorously!

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