Doozy and The Dominos Pizza Tracker!

Yesterday, Chandler’s kids and her nephews and neice came trooping over for the day. That’s 9 kids in total. I don’t know if you are ever likewise innundated, but having all that youthful energy around really pumps me up too. I morph into a frolicsome nut-job as evidenced by the spontaneous video blog we made.

Here is ourĀ gripping documentary blog on the care and feeding of an erstwhile ecard maker. The subject of our documentary is myself, Bennett, the Director of Operations, and voice of our Gecko character asĀ I navigate the thrilling excersize of obtaining pizza from the Dominos (TM) website (did you know you can order pizza from a website now?)

Filming the blog is Chandler Chandler, President of, proving that no task is too large for an active President. We didn’t even use government bailout money to fund the docublog!!

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