Cinco de Mayo

The Mexican army beat the French at the Battle of Puebla and now we get to celebrate for an entire day with Mexican Food, sombreros and maracas. The kids think I’m crazy (not a newsflash) but I love to put on the giant sombrero my husband and I got in Tijuana and dance all around them shaking the  maracas from my friend Kat’s trip to Guatamala. Kids can not keep a straight face when you wear a big hat and shake maracas.  Then of course they have to grab the hat and the maracas and I get dog piled but everyone is in the spirit.   Once I insisted we all wear sombreros to El Cholo Restaurant (the best green tamales in Los Angeles).  My eldest son said “this is so lame” but everyone was laughing while eating their chips.  If you’re depressed about everything going on in the world celebrate Cinco de Mayo wearing big hats with loved ones and eat Mexican chips, chrunching them really loudly.  If you are on a budget like most of us, there are many affordable Mexican Restaurants. My husband and I still frequent the Taco Truck we used to visit when we were at college.  It may sound scary but I am telling you it is delicious. To stay connected with those we love but who we can’t celebrate with (like your friends from growing up and from school)  send our most popular Cinco de Mayo e-cards.
I highly reccomend the Disco de Mayo ecard

The Gecko Margarita and Sexy Margarita are  also very popular.  For friends across the miles send some virtual holiday fun with Viva Mexico. My kids love the Crawfish de Mexico  . Feliz Cinco de Mayo mes pequenos Doozy amigos!

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